Friday, December 24, 2010

What is Christmas Day?

What is Christmas Day?

To most people Christmas Day is spent celebrating with family and friends.

To some of us Christmas Day is spent working.

I will only be working for 8hrs. Others will be working for 12hrs and some will be working all night tonight and then all night tomorrow which means they will be sleeping all day on Christmas Day.

So while you are all celebrating please think of all of us Nurses, Doctors, Police, Emergency Personel, Chefs, Waiters, Small Shop Owners, Mining Personal and Cab Drivers (I hope I haven't missed anyone) who will be spending tomorrow at work ensuring that all the sick are looked after, everyone is safe and that everyone is well feed.

I hope it is good, quiet day for all of us that are working.



Anita said...

HOpe you enjoy your day - even if you are working. Just is just a day on the can make it Christmas any day you want! Growing up my dad worked in a hospital so was often working christmas day so we just had Christmas when it worked for him . Now my hubby works for Cityrail and has worked the last 3 christmas days but this year is not working! so we can actually celebrate it on the day!
Merry Christmas!!!

Maree: said...

This is my 2nd Xmas off so know what you mean...up until then I had worked every Xmas for 10yrs..arvo shift..The Residents still need to be attended too regardless....I Think some People Forget that...
Hope you still have a Lovely Day...
1 more sleep and I can open the
ho ho ho

Kayly said...

You can add pathology workers to your list. I know I used to be one and also did my Christmas shifts. Merry Christmas Aunty Al. Glad we saw you at Beenleigh. Take care.

Janice said...

Merry Christmas Alison. I hope your day at work went smoothly and you can now relax and enjoy Christmas. Mick's sister is a nurse and doing a double shift today so that one of her colleagues can spend the day with her seriously ill Mum. All Mick's family will gather tomorrow to celebrate Christmas, which will be nice.