Thursday, December 30, 2010


This is what I came home to on Monday after work.
A flooded back and front yard.

This is my water tank overflowing. It looked like a waterfall coming out of my tank.
I really wish I had another tank to collect all this water.

This is me surveying the back yard and trying to work out what could be done to prevent it flowing into the house and garage.

This is my driveway covered in water.

This is my flooded front garden. You couldn't get to my front door.

This is Treasure all prepared to save my house and my neighbour's house.
His quick thinking saved the day and prevented a disaster.

Treasure dug trenches from the backyards of both houses to the road.

This is the water escaping through one of the trenches and out onto the road.
It looked like a river running onto the road.
At least I didn't get any water into my house or garage but my neighbours weren't quite as lucky.

This is my neighbour's backyard with the water getting into their TV room.

This is their side yard.

This is their flooded garage. They didn't lose anything as they had already put everything up.
If Treasure hadn't built the trenches my neighbours would have had water in their house.
We are very lucky that our flooding was minor and the rain has now stopped in South East Qld.

My thoughts and prayers are with all the people in Northern and Central Qld who are living through the worst floods in over 100 years, especially the people in towns such as Theodore, Bundaberg, Emerald and Rockhampton who have been evacuated from their homes and have lost everything. Some of them have no idea when they will be allowed to return to their homes or what they will find when they get there.

6 Things Christmas Swap

In the 6 Things Christmas Swap organised by Maree I recieved my parcel from Marcia.

I was very good and only opened 2 presents before Christmas Day.

"Something to Eat" which was 2 Toblerone Chocolates and

"Something for Christmas" which was a beautiful Angel Wall hanging.

I left the other 4 presents until Christmas evening after I finished working.

"Something Smelly" was a Travel Pack with Frangipini items which smell great and I definitely take them to Nundle in March with me.

"Something to Read" is a book about the life of an Australian Olympian Werner Reiterer and his struggle with drugs. I love reading so am looking forward to reading this book.

"Something Handmade' is a great bag which will get lots of use when I go out on sewing days and also shopping.

"Something for the Craft Room" is a gorgeous Wall hanging with pockets for items such as tape measure, scissors etc.

I absolutely love everything and all the handmade items are just perfect for me.
Thank you so much Marcia for these wonderful presents.

Friday, December 24, 2010

What is Christmas Day?

What is Christmas Day?

To most people Christmas Day is spent celebrating with family and friends.

To some of us Christmas Day is spent working.

I will only be working for 8hrs. Others will be working for 12hrs and some will be working all night tonight and then all night tomorrow which means they will be sleeping all day on Christmas Day.

So while you are all celebrating please think of all of us Nurses, Doctors, Police, Emergency Personel, Chefs, Waiters, Small Shop Owners, Mining Personal and Cab Drivers (I hope I haven't missed anyone) who will be spending tomorrow at work ensuring that all the sick are looked after, everyone is safe and that everyone is well feed.

I hope it is good, quiet day for all of us that are working.


Friday, December 17, 2010

Back on the Farm Block 4

I have been very slack not updating you all on my "Back on the Farm" Quilt. I have been working on it (not as much as I should) but haven't been blogging it.

This is Block 4 called "Munch-a-Bunch". A perfect name for this block.

We thought this block would be very quick and easy to do. How wrong we were.
There are 4 large sunflowers and every single petal is a piece of fabric. After cutting out hundreds of petals I then had to put then together to form the flowers. It was a lot of work but really gives the flowers that 3D look.

The flowers then had to be put on their stems.

It was then time to make the goat. He was a real joy to make and looks so vey cheeky with the sunflower in his mouth.
I really love this block as the goat just looks so cute.
I just have to quilt the block.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday's Treasures

When we went to Nundle in October for my niece's wedding we decided to wander through the Antique Shop there.
On one of the tables I discovered a small butter dish similar to this one for $49. I couldn't believe my eyes that a small dish could cost that much and it wasn't even Royal Doulton or some other well known brand.
My mum gave me the dish and the other assorted pieces that she had a few years back.
Some of the pieces were given to her 60 years ago by my father before they were married. The other pieces were wedding presents by her younger brothers. None of them cost very much brand new so I was quite surprised when such a small piece cost so much today.
I wonder how much I would get for them if I sold them. I could never sell them as they hold such history.

I have always loved this cheese dish but hardly ever use it as I have always been to scared that I would break it.

When I was younger mum would use the sugar bowl and fruit bowl when we had visitors.

Go over and visit Melody's blog for more Tuesday's Treasures.

Charity Bags

The ladies that I go sewing with on a Thursday when I'm not working decided at the beginning of the year to each make something for a charity.
After much thought we decided to make 2 small bags each and fill them with ladies toiletries etc. Each bag was to be made out of 2 fat quarters.
We then decided to donate them to a Refuge for Abused Women for them to hand out to women when they arrive.
These women usually flee their home with nothing and most people donate goods for their children. We thought a pretty bag and goodies might help cheer these ladies up at such a terrible time in their lives.

These are the bags that we made all ready to be collected.
We won't be told exactly what refuge they will go to as they have to be very careful so the husbands that these women are fleeing don't find them.
We all understand this as we want these women to feel safe.
It just good to know that we have made a woman's life a little bit brighter by receiving a bag full of goodies.

These are the 2 bags that I made. I filled each one with a handmade chenille facewasher, a handtowel, lovely soap, shampoo, conditioner, hand cream etc.
I hope somebody enjoys using the toiletries and bag.

These are my 2 bags all packed ready for delivery.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Presents

On Tuesday I received a parcel in the mail. It was my Secret Santa Swap present from Marcia.
In the parcel was my 6 presents. I can't wait for Christmas to open them.
I might just sneak a peek and open my "something to eat" present as it might be chocolate so will melt if it's not in the fridge.
Do you think that's cheating?
THANK YOU Marcia so much for the parcels.

I had to send my parcel to Maree.
Maree organised the swap and it was a great swap as there had to be 6 presents in your parcel. As I am new to blogging and not been in any swaps before I thought this was good.
Maree lives near me so I decided to play postman and personally deliver her parcel today. I hope she enjoys her presents as much as I enjoyed buying and making them.
I had a lovely lunch with her and Jeni today.