Thursday, December 30, 2010


This is what I came home to on Monday after work.
A flooded back and front yard.

This is my water tank overflowing. It looked like a waterfall coming out of my tank.
I really wish I had another tank to collect all this water.

This is me surveying the back yard and trying to work out what could be done to prevent it flowing into the house and garage.

This is my driveway covered in water.

This is my flooded front garden. You couldn't get to my front door.

This is Treasure all prepared to save my house and my neighbour's house.
His quick thinking saved the day and prevented a disaster.

Treasure dug trenches from the backyards of both houses to the road.

This is the water escaping through one of the trenches and out onto the road.
It looked like a river running onto the road.
At least I didn't get any water into my house or garage but my neighbours weren't quite as lucky.

This is my neighbour's backyard with the water getting into their TV room.

This is their side yard.

This is their flooded garage. They didn't lose anything as they had already put everything up.
If Treasure hadn't built the trenches my neighbours would have had water in their house.
We are very lucky that our flooding was minor and the rain has now stopped in South East Qld.

My thoughts and prayers are with all the people in Northern and Central Qld who are living through the worst floods in over 100 years, especially the people in towns such as Theodore, Bundaberg, Emerald and Rockhampton who have been evacuated from their homes and have lost everything. Some of them have no idea when they will be allowed to return to their homes or what they will find when they get there.


teresa said...

Thanks for sharing those pics Alison. Stay dry and safe... so glad Treasure thought of digging that trench. We've been flooded here too, but not near the house. Hopefully that is the last of the rain....

BubzRugz said...

This rain has been amazing..... so glad you are fine, and also we are thinking lots about those in other places where it is so bad...
Happy New Year

Maree: said...

Treasure is living up to His Name...Glad you didn't get any Damage..

Chookyblue...... said...

all the goodies in the last post are lovely.........
lucky the water didn't go into your house.......

such a terrible disaster in lots of areas with flood water.....

Janice said...

Thank goodness your Treasure saved the day. It's quite amazing how much flooding there has been. I'm glad it was not worse for you. We too are thinking of all those affected further north.

Bec said...

Guess you don't need a swimming pool!
Great thinking on Treasures behalf with the trenches.
I will take some of the rain off your hands as we have had very little here and it is drying off rather quickly.

Gail Wallace said...

The floods made your neighbor’s house looked like a swamp. That’s never a good thing, though it’s good to know that you were all safe. I hope there wasn't anything valuable in your home that got damaged by the flood. You should consider building a storm chamber that will lessen the accumulation of flood water in your yard, and you can utilize the rainwater for practical purposes at the same time. Take care!

Gail Wallace @ Emergency Flood Masters