Friday, December 17, 2010

Back on the Farm Block 4

I have been very slack not updating you all on my "Back on the Farm" Quilt. I have been working on it (not as much as I should) but haven't been blogging it.

This is Block 4 called "Munch-a-Bunch". A perfect name for this block.

We thought this block would be very quick and easy to do. How wrong we were.
There are 4 large sunflowers and every single petal is a piece of fabric. After cutting out hundreds of petals I then had to put then together to form the flowers. It was a lot of work but really gives the flowers that 3D look.

The flowers then had to be put on their stems.

It was then time to make the goat. He was a real joy to make and looks so vey cheeky with the sunflower in his mouth.
I really love this block as the goat just looks so cute.
I just have to quilt the block.


Jeni said...

this is lovely

Bec said...

He is very cute!
That is an applique mat you are using isn't it???
Yep, flowers are fiddly, wait till you do a smaller flower....tweezers are good!