Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday's Treasures

When we went to Nundle in October for my niece's wedding we decided to wander through the Antique Shop there.
On one of the tables I discovered a small butter dish similar to this one for $49. I couldn't believe my eyes that a small dish could cost that much and it wasn't even Royal Doulton or some other well known brand.
My mum gave me the dish and the other assorted pieces that she had a few years back.
Some of the pieces were given to her 60 years ago by my father before they were married. The other pieces were wedding presents by her younger brothers. None of them cost very much brand new so I was quite surprised when such a small piece cost so much today.
I wonder how much I would get for them if I sold them. I could never sell them as they hold such history.

I have always loved this cheese dish but hardly ever use it as I have always been to scared that I would break it.

When I was younger mum would use the sugar bowl and fruit bowl when we had visitors.

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Janice said...

I love your Mum's delicate china. The design is so pretty. We often marvel at the prices on what were not expensive items when new. However, they are now unusual and quite rare, so the value increases. No wonder you could never part with your Mum's.

Jeni said...

i just love delicate pretty