Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm finally Home

I'm finally home from GDITC at Nundle. No, I didn't spend 2 weeks at Nundle. As my sister and niece Bec live not too far from Nundle I spent the time with them.

I spent the first week with my sister. It was her birthday while I was away so I made her a table runner and a lavender filled heart.

I picked Bec up on the Friday and we drove the 2hrs to Nundle, stopping at Tamworth to do some shopping. When I picked Bec up her husband wanted to know where my trailer was to put all her things in.
After shopping in Tamworth I thought we had plenty of room in my car, a Mitshubishi Lancer.
I forgot about the shopping in Tamworth on our way back to Bec's on the Sunday.

Bec wanted to buy a wine cooler to put the cheese in that she has started to make. It wouldn't fit in the boot or back of the car so everything else went in the boot and it finally was able to go in the front of the car.

Bec had a tiny amount of room in the back for the hour long drive back to her home.

This is the boot of the car.

Next year I might need to take the trailer down!!!

We spent the next week making cheese, sorting through bags and bags of second hand clothes and of course playing with the children.