Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Presents

On Tuesday I received a parcel in the mail. It was my Secret Santa Swap present from Marcia.
In the parcel was my 6 presents. I can't wait for Christmas to open them.
I might just sneak a peek and open my "something to eat" present as it might be chocolate so will melt if it's not in the fridge.
Do you think that's cheating?
THANK YOU Marcia so much for the parcels.

I had to send my parcel to Maree.
Maree organised the swap and it was a great swap as there had to be 6 presents in your parcel. As I am new to blogging and not been in any swaps before I thought this was good.
Maree lives near me so I decided to play postman and personally deliver her parcel today. I hope she enjoys her presents as much as I enjoyed buying and making them.
I had a lovely lunch with her and Jeni today.


Jeni said...

Hi Alison
when I arrived home my s-s-swap was waiting also............finding it hard to wait until Christmas to open....
thanks for a lovely few hours yesterday

Daisy Jayne said...

I hope you enjoy the items I had fun making them I do suggest you start on the food one