Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What I sent and received

I was in 2 swaps in March.
The first was a Colour Swap organised by Maree.
Cheryll sent me some gorgeous green items, which I have already shown you in a previous post.

This is what I sent Carol from Narromine. She chose burgundy, which was easy for me to chose items as burgundy is my other favourite colour.
I sent her turkish delight chocolates, a burgundy and a cream fat quarter, 2 burgundy embroidery threads, a note book, soap and a lavender filled heart for her wardrobe.

This is the lavender filled heart which I made. I used a pattern for a pin cushion and filled it with lavender instead of wadding.

The second swap was the Once a Season swap organised by Cheryll.
We had to send something with an Autumn theme.

Rochelle sent me this beautiful T-Towel which she made, some gorgeous embroidery thread, some chocolates, an handmade card and a postcard of Lake Macquarie, where she lives.

When I was a child living in Sydney we used to go to Lake Maquarie for holidays. It certainly has changed.

This is the beautiful T-Towel up close. What gorgeous work.
Thankyou so much Rochelle for the gorgeous presents.

I sent my presents to Larain.
I made her oven mitts and a pot holder out of some autumn leaves material. I also sent some chocolates and a note book.

I loved making the oven mitts and pot holder and they look great. I wanted to keep them myself. I have some fabric left over so might make myself a set.

Larain sent me this lovely tea mug set, complete with spoon and tea strainer. Can't wait to use it.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Picnic in the Park

Yesterday Maree, Lynn and Pat went up to Cleveland to meet the Gumtree Nut Ladies. Pat is up on the Gold Coast on holidays from Narromine, NSW.
It was a great morning. 17 ladies from around Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and even the Sunshine Coast turned up to meet with Joy, Fiona, Dawn,Vicki and of course "Jenny".

The Gumtreee Nut Ladies. Joy, Dawn, Fiona, Vicki and "Jenny".

Me with the Gumtree Nut Ladies.

We all had a great morning chatting and laughing. Don't forget Joy you promised to organise some regular get togethers with the South East Qld bloggers and quilters.

Maree, Lynn and I got to hand over the Sewing Caddies, Bags etc that we have been making for the Flood Victims to Joy. It was really good to have them all finished and on their way to their new homes. Maree made most of them and she has done a wonderful job.

The sewing Caddies with matching Needle Case and Scissor Holders.

The bags with matching Scissor Fob and Sewing Case.
Maree, Lyn, Pat and I then went to Thread and Ginger and Bayside Sitchcraft Patchwork Shops for some retail therapy. We then had afternoon tea, of course.
It was a wonderful day and can't wait to do it again.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Treasure has been Busy

Treasure has been very busy over the past few weeks.

This is the side fence of my house. Yes it is falling down, has mould growing all over it and in need of some TLC.

I have thought about painting my side of the fence to make it look better but as it is over 20 years old I wasn't sure if we would be able to do anything to make it look better.

After getting some quotes for new fences I gingerly went next door to approach my elderly neighbours with the idea of getting a new fence.
They were very keen on the idea especially when they saw the prices and was told that Treasure would pull the fence down and build the new one so we didn't have to pay a builder.
We then went ahead and bought all the materials and Treasure proceeded to pull the fence down.

My neighbour's son and his wife took all the rubbish to the tip.
They pulled the old tree stump and posts out of the ground.

Treasure then put up the posts and frames and then placed all the panels in place.
It is a big block of land so the fence is quite long.

It took a few weeks to build as Treasure works in Central Qld in the Mines so is away for 2 weeks or more at a time.
We now have a beautiful new colourbond fence which we are all very happy with.

It is good to have neighbours that are easy to get along with and we were able to work out together what type of fence we wanted and the colour without any disagreements.
I think I could have got any type of fence as when I was discussing it with them all John kept saying was "I don't care I just don't want a green fence", (green is my favourite colour) which was ok as I thought we should have a cream one to blend in with both houses.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Parcels Sent and Recieved

I have been very busy so haven't had a chance to blog. Work has been really busy and I have started a Diploma of Management that work has organised which is run through TAFE. I'm not sure what I've got myself into as I haven't studied for over 20 years and all the assessments are done online and I'm definitely NOT computer literate. At least a few of my workmates are doing the course so we are going to have study evenings (that's what we are calling them, probably more drinking, eating and chatting than studying).

I have been busy helping Maree make sewing caddies for the Flood victims. They are all finished and we are off to Cleveland on Saturday for the morning tea with the Gum Tree Ladies. It will be good to meet other bloggers in the area.

I have finished and posted my presents for the Colour Swap organised by Maree. I can only show the parcel ready to be posted as I wrapped the presents in paper the colour that "??" wanted. When she gets the parcel all will be revealed.

I have also finished and sent my present for the Once a Season swap organised by Cheryll. Again only the parcel is able to be shown until it arrives safe and sound at it's new owner's home then all will be revealed.

Yesterday, a parcel arrived for me. It was my Colour Swap present from Cheryll. I chose the colour Green, which isn't very original for me as my favourite colour is green and my home is painted green.

You had to send a fat quarter, a thread, something to eat and something pretty all in the colour that your swap partner asked for. Here are all my presents.

I received Dove peppermint chocolates, green drawer liners, a green facewasher with my initial emboidered on it, soap and hand cream to match and a green bag to put all my goodies in.

I also received green fabric, cotton, emboidery thread and ribbon.
I love all my presents and feel very spoilt.
Thankyou very much Cheryll for my presents.