Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Treasure's Tuesday's Treasures

I thought I would show you some of Treasure's family treasures this week.

His mother has collected brass over the years and now Treasure has some of her brass.
He really loves the pieces of brass that his mother has given him.

He has given me this adorable ship's bell to put at my front door. I love it but am very glad that very few people use my front door as it is very noisy.

These are 2 oil burners which are great to use outside in summer with citronella oil burning to ward away the mossies (mosquitoes) that plague Qld. There is also a spitoon which I intend to put some artifical flowers in.

This ship's candle holder is great in my Spa room as it lets off just enough light when I'm in my spa in the evening.

These scales are also hanging in my Spa room and look great. I just need to find something old and calming to put in them.

The brass goes well in my Spa room as they just add to the calming ambience of the room. I love lying in my spa with the dim light of the candle and burners and great smells from them.

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marina said...

Your brass treasures are really beautiful. They have such character. If only they could talk.