Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mum's Holiday and Projects

My Mum is staying with me for 2 weeks. She lives in Sydney and at 85yrs old still lives on her own and looks after herself.

While she has been up here we haven't done very much. We went to Tamborine Mountain for a few hours. She really loves the Lavender shop and one of the craft shops there and I really love the German Clock shop. She bought some small soaps and 2 packets of lavender to make lavender sachets for small gifts.

We also went for a drive around the Boardwater of the Gold Coast. She enjoyed looking at all the boats on the Boardwater.

My son took her to New Farm Park in Brisbane which is full of hundreds of rose bushes but of course most of them had just been pruned so only a few were in bloom. She enjoyed walking through the park and along the river.

Mum has spent most of her days here sitting, reading my quilting books and knitting. She likes to do some knitting every day to help with the arthritis in her hands.

She now knits small items such as coathanger covers and then makes them into lovely coathangers as presents.

While she has been here she has finished a small scarf, knitted some coathanger covers ready to make up at home, and done some of a Humpty Dumpty that she is knitting for her newest great grandson.

She loves to knit toys and has made quite a few over the years. She mainly knits toys from Jean Greenhowe's books. She has made toys for all her children, grandchildren and now is making them for her great granchildren.

I have shown my collection of her knitted toys in a previous post.


Janice said...

It's great to see that you mum is still enjoying her craft. Her coathangers are a lovely pattern and aren't the new babies lucky to receive such lovely toys.

teresa said...

Wow, your mum is amazing. Her toys are soooo cute... even big kids would love them! I love going up to Tamborine Mtn too, and that Lavender shop has to be one of my favourite places to visit. Great photos xx

Jeni said...

when I am your mums age..........would love to be still crafting ....I live at Broad beach you must be near me ????

NessaKnits said...

She is a great knitter!