Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday's Treasures

My Tuesday Treasure for this week is my Doll Collection. I started collecting dolls from all around the world as a young child. I have over 60 dolls from all over the world and they live in a cabinet in my lounge room.

Many of them are from countries that I visited as a young adult and they remind me of the great times that I had in each country. I have quite a few from England which I collected on my visits to my Grandma in Essex when she was still alive. They remind me of the time I had with her and what a kind, loving person she was.
Two of my favourite dolls are my very 1st doll, which is an Aborigine, and a Chinese doll that my brother gave me.
The Aborigine was given to me by my Aunty Min when I was quite young and had belonged to her. Aunty Min was my favouite great aunt and I remember her as a very special person.

The Chinese doll was given to me by my brother, Robert, when I was a teenager. Robert died a number a years ago so it is good to have some lovely things to remind me of him.
My family and friends have also bought me back dolls from their various travels overseas. Even my son knows to bring Mum back a doll when he travels. He has bought me back ones from Thailand, USA and Vanauta. I hope I get one from New Zealand when he goes there next month.
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Joy said...

Oh how lovely!!! You just reminded me of the collection I had when I was a child!!! Unfortunately we had to leave them all in UK when we left as we only had very limited space to pack our treasures when we came to Oz.
Thanks for the memories :o).
Joy :o)