Monday, July 12, 2010

Back on the Farm Block 2

The second block that we decided to do is "Pigs in a Blanket". I did all the preparation at home over about 2 weeks. I cut out the pieces (they were bigger pieces this time, which was good) then I had to make the pigs up.

In class I put the pigs onto the background fabric, wadding and backing fabric.
Next came the quilting. I was really nervous with this as I didn't feel confident with the little bit of quilting that I had done on block 1 so I hadn't finished it. Chris (our teacher) gave me another lesson on the quilting and so tentatively I began. I couldn't believe it as it was looking really good. I ended up staying at "Buttons and Bows" all day and got it finished. I just have to sew the eyes on the pigs.
I was so impressed with myself that I can't wait to finish quilting block 1 and start on block 3.


Maree: said...

Sounds like a Great Day sewing...Your Block is looking Cute..

Kayly said...

Well done!!!!! The quilting bit always scares me to. I've quilted all bar one of my quilts. I'm unadventurous just using ditching and straight lines. The one time I did any free motion was on the border of my Dad's double bed sized quilt. Let's just say the suggestion of a glass of wine helped!

Julie said...

Such a great confidence booster, I'm looking forward to seeing it finished!