Sunday, April 18, 2010

Books and More Books

I was inspired by the quilting books that some of the ladies had at GDITC, especially your's Chookyblue that I wanted to buy some. They are so expensive in Australia to buy so I haven't bought any in the past. Anyway, Bec has introduced me to this great English website The Book Depository so I just had to buy these quilting books.
I also found an Inspirational book "When You Lose Someone You Love" for a friend of mine whose husband died suddenly late last year. I bought it for my mum when my dad died last year and she has found it very helpful but I haven't found it in any shops since. I also bought 3 more books from the same author for mum.
I just had to have 2 novels by one of my favourite authors James Patterson.
It was great to get all these books for half of what you pay for them in Aust or even less.
Thanks Bec for introducing me to that website. It's great having a niece who is much more computer savvy than me and tells me about all these great websites.
I have been reading novels lately by Lesley Pearse, an English author. My sister bought me "Stolen" and I just couldn't put it down that I just had to borrow "Gypsy" from the library. I'm now hooked on reading the rest of her books. They are not murder mysteries that I normally read but are about brave women from different eras.

What books have you been reading lately or like to read?


Chookyblue...... said...

you sure did get some books......I LOVE mine......just finished Stolen Innocence....quite an interesting read........

also your "no reply" with comments I have a help thingy on my sidebar if you want to change it........

teresa said...

Great books... I am off to check out the book depository - thanks for your comment on my post - I hope you work out the "no reply" thingy for future comments

Bec said...

So pleased you like bookdepository! I don't know if you knew but James Patterson is one of my favourites too.... esp the Alex Cross books. You might like Annie Groves too - historical fiction usually based in war time England.