Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What I sent and received

I was in 2 swaps in March.
The first was a Colour Swap organised by Maree.
Cheryll sent me some gorgeous green items, which I have already shown you in a previous post.

This is what I sent Carol from Narromine. She chose burgundy, which was easy for me to chose items as burgundy is my other favourite colour.
I sent her turkish delight chocolates, a burgundy and a cream fat quarter, 2 burgundy embroidery threads, a note book, soap and a lavender filled heart for her wardrobe.

This is the lavender filled heart which I made. I used a pattern for a pin cushion and filled it with lavender instead of wadding.

The second swap was the Once a Season swap organised by Cheryll.
We had to send something with an Autumn theme.

Rochelle sent me this beautiful T-Towel which she made, some gorgeous embroidery thread, some chocolates, an handmade card and a postcard of Lake Macquarie, where she lives.

When I was a child living in Sydney we used to go to Lake Maquarie for holidays. It certainly has changed.

This is the beautiful T-Towel up close. What gorgeous work.
Thankyou so much Rochelle for the gorgeous presents.

I sent my presents to Larain.
I made her oven mitts and a pot holder out of some autumn leaves material. I also sent some chocolates and a note book.

I loved making the oven mitts and pot holder and they look great. I wanted to keep them myself. I have some fabric left over so might make myself a set.

Larain sent me this lovely tea mug set, complete with spoon and tea strainer. Can't wait to use it.


shez said...

what lovely swaps sent and recieved,it is so much fun doing the swaps and i enjoy seeing what everyone got and was sent ,lots of inspiring ideas.

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Such lovely swap parcels... Love the Lavendar Mug & Spoon set... Too cute.
see you VERY soon xx

Bec said...

You did a wonderful job on the pot holders....want to make some for me??? I hate making them....
A beautiful teatowel sent to you. Gorgeous tea cup set, very cool!