Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tropical Tuesaday's Treasures

I thought I would continue with the theme of the tropics and Fiji for this week's Tuesday's Treasures.

I showed you all Savala, the small Fijian island where Treasure and I got engaged, in my last post.

Today it is the 2 pieces of coral and 2 shells that we bought back from Savala to remind us of that wonderful day.

When Treasure told me he wanted to bring back the coral and shells I didn't think we would get them, especially the coral, into Australia. We have very strict quarantine laws here and I was positive the coral wouldn't be allowed. How wrong was I.
We had no problems getting the coral through Quarantine, but if we had more than these 2 small pieces we may not have got them through Customs. As we only had 2 small pieces of coral we didn't have to declare them to Customs.

They now sit on my TV as a reminder of the wonderful week in Fiji.

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Janice said...

I love the star pattern on the bottom right piece. It looks like a little flower.

Melody said...

So glad you got to bring them home. A great souvenir of your wonderful trip.

clare's craftroom said...

They are just so pretty and yes you were lucky to be able to bring them home . Thanks so much for showing us and playing along .

Bec said...

They are lovely, coral is such fascinating stuff.
I have to say, that seeing the tiny preview pic on my sidebar I did think they were chooks feet! They reminded me of when Uncle Robert took us to lunch in Chinatown Sydney and we watched him eat chooks feet! They went into his mouth whole and he spat all the bones out, erck! All I could think of at the time was my Dad's chooks feet in the mud and other yukky stuff...... LOL.
Yes, you were lucky to get them through customs!

marina said...

what a lovely reminder of our special moment in Fiji.

suz said...

Congratulations on your engagement. What a lovely place to have as "yours"!