Tuesday, November 2, 2010

They are finished

Back in July I made the 1st Small Quilt Top for the tables next to my lounges.
In September I made the 2nd Top but didn't get round to finishing them.
I have a habit of starting projects but not finishing them.

Yesterday was the day I decided I would finish them.
I used a fat quarter from my birthday stash for the backing for each one.

I decided not to do too much quilting as they are only 14.5"x18.5" finished.
I quilted around the centre and then did a feather stitch diagonally through the centre of the quilt.
Last night I sewed the binding on while watching TV.

They are now both finished and look great in my lounge room.


Maree: said...

They look Great Alison..I Love the Stitching through the middle..

Bec said...

They look great and will go well in your loungeroom.
Waiting for another FiJi post......LOL

Chookyblue...... said...

love the quilting stitch...........very nice........