Saturday, June 19, 2010

Road Trip

My Thursday sewing group decided to take Lynda's advice and visit the quilt exhibition "Fabric of Society" at the Ipswich Art Gallery.
So on Thurs we loaded into Nellie's wagon and headed off on our road trip to Ipswich. I acted as the navigator and actually didn't get us lost at all.
The quilt exhibition was wonderful and truely inspiring. Those women were extremely talented making the intricate quilts by hand and with just lamps for light. I don't think that I am that talented. It certainly made us very grateful for modern tools, such as rotary cutters, sewing machines and electricity!!

After the exhibition we had lunch at a coffee shop and then headed to Handmade Heaven. It is a great shop full of handmade gifts. I bought 2 chenille facewashers. I was tempted to buy some cotton crotched dishcloths but then decided that I would try to make some myself. Just need to buy the cotton and add it to my list of things to do.

Next to Handmade Heaven was a shop selling Cupcakes. The other ladies just had to go there but I wasn't tempted to buy as I don't possess a sweet tooth.

Our last stop was of course The Country Quilt Co. I only bought some special buttons and a packet of clear grip. No fabrics, now that is amazing!!
It certainly was a great day which we all enjoyed.


bettsylyn said...

I am glad that you enjoyed it, and that you didn't get lost. We all should plan these little adventures - I am sure they are good for our mental health - and just plain fun.

Bec said...

Glad you enjoyed the exhibition! The shopping looks lovely....