Sunday, June 27, 2010

Busy Weekend Part 1

It was a very busy weekend.

Friday night I went up to Brisbane to see Beccy Cole and Adam Harvey in concert. For people that don't know who they are Beccy and Adam are 2 of the best Australian Country Music Stars.
They areare great artists and both have a great sense of humour and really get the crowd going. It was a great night.

On Saturday I attended a course on Researching Your Family History. The topic was on Internet sites for researching your family history. It was a good couple of hours and I really learnt a lot about what sites to use especially UK sites as I would really like to research my father's family history.
Just another thing for me to find time to do. If only I could retire.

I then headed back up to Brisbane and went to the Mind Body and Spirit Expo for the afternoon. I didn't have a reading done but did have a Reiki treatment.
Overall it was a very good but busy day.

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