Friday, May 28, 2010

Pumpkin Soup

On Tuesday a friend came for a Spa and lunch.
As we both love pumpkin soup and it's getting cooler homemade pumpkin soup and fresh bread rolls was on the menu. I always add potato and sweet potato to the pumpkin when cooking pumpkin soup. The sweet potato gives it a nice flavour. The pumpkin was grown by my brother-in-law. It is a very healthy meal.
Of course it had to be served in my pumpkin bowl and ate from pumpkin soup bowls. I bought the bowl set from the Tamborine Mountain markets (a small town in the Gold Coast hinterland in South East Queensland). I have wanted to buy a pumpkin bowl set for years but have never seen a really lovely one until I discovered this one last year, so of course I just had to buy it. The bowls look great and are really nice to eat out of.

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