Monday, May 10, 2010

Bicycle rides and a little bit of luxury

We bought bicycles in January and have been slowly increasing how far we ride each week. I can now finally ride 10kms in 50mins. This is a real achievement for me as I haven't ridden a bicycle for over 30 years (Gee that makes me sound really old) and also have a chronic back problem which means I can't do a lot of things including certain exercises. However, my physio has told me to buy a bicycle and I finally took his advice.
I am loving going for a ride 4 times each week. When you have this beautiful town right on Morton Bay to ride around it becomes a pleasure to exercise.

After my ride I get to lie in my Spa. It's no ordinary Spa but a Theraputic Hydrotherapy Spa bought especially to help my back pain. It has over 30 massage jets and is heated at 38 degrees which is very hot. A hydrotherapy pool is usually heated at 30-34 so my Spa is absolutely wonderful. I felt very indulgent buying the Spa but it has been wonderful for my back and has decreased the need to visit the Physio and Massage Therapist so it was worth it.
The Spa is at the back of my bedroom. It was a dead area between the house and water tank but now is my favourite place in my house. Treasure has put a roof over the spa and now just has to build walls around it to enclose it. I feel so very lucky to have this Spa.


Kayly said...

I bought a big wide squishy seat for my bike in an effort to help me do more kilometres. But I'm jealous of you being able to ride around your lovely area.
The spa looks devine! Walls hey??? Necessary are they??? Wink Wink nudge nudge. Enjoy.

Bec said...

Looks fantastic! Do you think we will all fit when we come visit????
Lovely spot to te moment I have dust, dust, more dust, and dry crackly grass....

Anonymous said...

Well this is such a great "feel good" post. Love the view of where you are riding. Glad it's helping your back. And then a theoputic spa. Awwwwww You are SO LUCKY! Perfect spot for it too. Easy to strip into it. LOL!!!!