Monday, November 19, 2012

Ireland Part 2

I am back home from the UK and our amazing wedding and honeymoon. The internet access was poor in Wales and southern England and we were very busy sightseeing that I didn't get to continue blogging about our adventures so will do so from home.
The Standing Stones at Keakil in southern Ireland.
The Ring of Kerry.
A Jaunting Horse and Carriage in Killarney.
Killarney National Park.
This section of the park was really eerie and magical especially as it was raining but no rain came through the canopy of the woodlands.
You felt like an leparcorn or elf was going to come out at any minute so Treasure decided to try to be one.
Drombeg Stone Circle near Glandore.
Drombeg Stone Circle was very magical and you got a real spiritual feeling when you were there.
Crosshaven. It is a port where English tourists go for fishing and sailing.
Cobh. This was a very pretty town. It was the site where the Titanic picked up it's last passengers before heading for America. They have opened a Titanic Experience Tour which took you on a tour of what the ship would have been like and what happened just before and during the sinking of the Titanic. It was very interesting.
Brownshill Dolmen near Carlow. A Dolmen is an ancient burial site. Brownshill is over 5000 years old.
Wicklow Goal.
Wicklow Goal was one of the best tours that we went on. When you arrived the goaler collected you and took you through the fist part of the goal describing what would have happened to you there if you were a prisoner in the 1800's. He also explained about the trip to Australia as a convict as many convicts were sent from Wicklow Goal to Australia. We were then allowed to wander around the Goal. Each goal cell had stories about various prisoners that lived there. It was an extremely interesting place.


Anonymous said...

Such amazing photos Ali, glad you're having so much fun xx

DAWNIE said...

Such a pretty place, i love ireland