Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday's Treasures Pets Past and Present

Melody asked that you share your pets on Tuesday's Treasures today.
It got me thinking about the various pets that we have had over the years so I thought I would show my past and present pets as they are all special.

This is Benji. He was the first dog that was truely mine. We always had dogs and other assorted pets when I was growing up but at the youngest child I never got to choose any dogs until I was a teenager. Benji was my dog and I loved him very much. In his old age he was very spoilt by my parents.

This is my son as a young child with Sandy. Tim picked Sandy when he was 3 yrs old and she lived for 15 yrs. They were great mates.

We got Nutmeg when Tim was 4 ys old. He again picked her. She was such a good cat. She died at 9 yrs old of cancer.

This is my Red rumped parrot. I had a girl and a boy. The girl died 2 yrs ago and this one (the boy) died last year. We will get some more parrots later in the year.

I have now decided that fish are easier to keep especially when we want to go away frequently and you don't need to get anyone to feed, walk them etc when you are away.
My goldfish live in my pond and love their home. Some of them are getting quite big and we even have 1 baby.

I also had goldfish in my aquarium in the lounge room but they always died in there. It didn't matter what I did they would die within a few weeks.
I gave up keeping goldfish inside.

I decided to try to keep a siamese fighting fish in my aquarium. I always hate seeing these fish in tiny bowls, they look so cramped and unhappy.
Tim bought me this blue siamese fighting fish for Christmas. He loves swimming around his new home. I couldn't get a very good photo of him as he was scared of the camera and swam away and hid everytime I put the camera near the glass.

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Kayly said...

I love Siamese fish. We have had a couple. One of them even came on holidays with us. He had his own travelling tank and sat on a shelf in our caravan.

Cheryll said...

All the animal family members look special in their own way! Thanks for sharing! :)

Michelle Ridgway said...

It is so lovely to have had animals to share our life.

chary reddy said...

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