Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Last weekend we decided to go to Brisbane for the weekend. When booking the accommodation a few weeks ago we wondered why it was all booked out. We discovered the reason. Riverfire was on on the Saturday night.

Riverfire is a big firework display on the Brisbane river the first Sat in September as the start to a month long festival to celebrate the start of Spring.

The fireworks are on barges along the river and also on the top of some of the city buildings and the Storey Bridge.

They also have F111 fighter jet doing some passovers and a"dump and burn". This year is supposed to be the last year that the F111 will fly over.

We decided that we would brave the crowds, over 500,000 people (which is a huge crowd in Aust) and got our vantage point on one of the bridges to watch the 20 minute display.

In the 20mins the 32 pyro-technicians fired up 2000kg of explosives and 16,000kg of fireworks hundreds of metres into the sky.

It certainly was a spectacular sight.

Afterwards we went to the Treasury Casino for dinner and some gambling, we lost our money of course. The Treasury Casino is the orginal Treasury building in Brisbane. It is a beautiful old building.


BubzRugz said...

Lovely to go to Riverfire - we went a couple of years ago and it certainly is a wonderful experience... not sure I want to brave the crowds too often though?
have a wonderful week

Kayly said...

We didn't brave the crowds. Instead we stood on our back landing and watched the F111 fly over our house. We could see the fireworks shot from the tops of the buildings. Our son scored a hotel room curtesy of one of his friends.
Hope you enjoyed dinner at the Casino.