Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm finally home


I'm finally home from Nundle. I spent another week staying with family near Nundle. Spent a few days staying with my niece Bec. We had great fun setting up my blog (no I'm not really 110, just feel like it most days after work, I'm actually in my 40's). I had fun playing with her children, feeding calves and especially looking at material, patterns and quilting books.

I then stayed with her sister and got to see her new house. I ended my holiday by staying with my sister and celebrating her birthday. I got home after a 10hr drive last Sunday and straight back to work on Monday.


Amanda said...

I should think you need a holiday to recover from your holiday after all that driving. I hope you got some good ideas from Bec's books.

Bec said...

So pleased you had a great time! We loved having you. Have you ordered your books from Book Depository yet???? - Alison liked a few of my books and was easily talked into purchasing them.